Inspired Design,



Thomas Tietze

(503) 708-5930

Specializing In:

  Sea Life

  Northwest Designs

  Colored Stones


  Artisan Pieces

  Custom Designs

  Gold & Silver

Thomas' designs are inspired by the nature and sea life of the Northwest. They are expertly crafted in gold and silver and set with beautiful gems such as opals, tourmalines and unique pearls. Many designs are one-of-a-kind creations. “…I aim to create jewelry that is alive and graceful-like nature. Jewelry is more than a commodity or just an adornment, it is art that should tell a story, evoke a memory, mean something personal to the wearer.”


Here you will find salmon and whale rings and pendants, seahorse, eagle and elk motifs, as well as mermaids, sailing ships and other graceful contemporary designs.

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